The Unkindness of the Paparazzi

Katie Roberts never imagined that her book would be made into a movie.  She also never imagined falling in love with a well known Hollywood actor. She has to learn to live under the constant microscope of the Paparazzi and the fans.

Sex, love, death and everything else that goes with a Hollywood lifestyle, nothing escapes the lens of a paparazzi camera.

A readable first novel by local author Odette Botha.

List Price: R12,00
Price: R12,00
Written by: 
Odette Botha
About the Author: 
I grew up in a small Freestate town - something of a rebel but what teenager isn’t? My manuscripts are fiction fantasy. I'm obsessed with Hollywood, actors and New York City. I write as an escape but I feel the stories are entertaining for all to share.

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