Walker of Realms

Out in the Isles in the west Tannil of the Valleur wanders his palace in anticipation of the return of his legendary grandfather Torrullin. It is time for the Sleeper to awaken.

His anticipation, however, is tempered by knowledge others are unaware of. Torrullin’s return heralds the arrival of another and it means the Vallas will die by the sword...and worse.

It also means the Valleur will abandon their exile in the west and return to the mainland...where humankind has vilified them for two thousand years. Can prejudice be set aside to fight a common enemy?

List Price: R10,00
Price: R15,00
Written by: 
Elaina J Davidson
About the Author: 
Reader, poet, mom, partner, chef, gardener, cat lover, Mahjong player, friend, blogger, music fan and, yes, writer. A restless South African: lived in the amazing green of Ireland and majestic New Zealand. Now back in sunny Cape Town!

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