A Cub's Tale

This is a short story. Halo is a real lion (although a lioness and not a male lion) and "A Cub's Tale" is her life story. My husband and I sponsored her surgery at Lori Park Rehabilitation Centre in Midrand which is 20 minutes outside Johannesburg in South Africa.

Her first months were a roller-coaster of uncertainty for us as she struggled against the odds. She has grown into a spoilt and contented four-year old lioness living the dream at a 10 hectare reserve outside Bela-Bela north of Johannesburg. Kayla has a mate and cubs of her own. If you are ever in Johannesburg, please visit her!

All Author Royalties received from this book will be donated to Halo's upkeep.

Lory Park does an amazing job and receives no government funding for their valuable work in protecting South African and other endangered wildlife. They survive on volunteers, donations and entrance fees! If you would like to consider sponsoring one of their orphans, please visit their website (www.lorypark.co.za).

A Cub's Tale is a short story.

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Dianne B Volek


This a quick, relaxed read.

This a quick, relaxed read. For the purpose of its writing, it is quite good. I would, however, have liked to read more details in the story.

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